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 "What are those red, itchy dots?"   
Something eating you at night?


    Bed Bugs has become an epidemic, but we at BUG
 know exactly how to handle them.....with HEAT!! That's right! We use the latest technology in Thermal Pest Eradication! 

    Thermal Pest Eradication 

system allows Bug Bizz

 to completely eliminate your BED BUG PROBLEM IN JUST ONE DAY and we GUARANTEE IT!  

    Bed Bugs do not care where they live... THEY JUST WANT TO BE CLOSE TO YOU! In your Home, Apartment, Condo, Motel, Hotel, Cabins, Theaters and just about anywhere people go. 

     To have your home treated with Chemicals it will involve pesticides on your bed, your box springs, couch, chairs and throughout you home, and it will take OVER A MONTH to get rid of them completely! Now that just does not sound very good for our health now does it? And the worst part is that most of the chemicals that can be used for Bed Bugs just DO NOT WORK AS WELL AS HEAT! Keep you beds, your furniture, and your family chemical free while effectively ERADICATING the bed bugs from your life!

     A normal charge for heat treatment starts around $1.50 per square foot. We use a Pest/Heat 500,000 BTU forced air propane heater and circulate the hot air throughout the interior of the structure. High powered Fans are placed in each room to assure proper air circulation for the ERADICATION OF BED BUGS. Temperature probes are installed throughout the structure and monitored outside every ten minutes. The household temp. is raised to between 120-145 degrees and held for over 3 hours killing all of the bed bugs and their life stages... along with any other household pests. Following the heat treatment, the structure must cool down which may take up to 4+ hours. After the structure is completely cooled, it will NO LONGER BE INFESTED and you can move back in....

 Bed Bug Free!!!